Recently, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued certain changes in the Motor Vehicles Rule 1989. Under this rule, the owner of the vehicle can now nominate another person for the car’s ownership in the registration certificate itself. This will help in the transfer or registration of the car’s ownership in case of the actual owner’s death.

Before the changes in the Motor Vehicle Rule were made, the transferring process was to be followed. Different states in the country and different RTOs have had different processes that need to be completed and followed before the transfer.
The transfer of a commercial vehicle is a different scenario altogether. In case of the owner’s death, the employee keeps going from office to office, but the transfer process still takes a huge amount of time.

CHANGES IN THE MOTOR VEHICLES RULE- The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has made the changes after many people have reported difficulty in the transfer or registration of the ownership of the car after the death of the actual owner.
● The Ministry has now allowed the owners the option to nominate the nominees, while applying for the registration.
● The owners can also add the nominees’ names anytime after registration, by filling up an online form.
● The owner has to submit proof of identity of the nominee for verification to nominate anyone who will be the legal heir of the vehicle in case of death.
● A registration certificate will be granted to the pre-selected nominee within 30 days of submitting proofs and related documents with the RTO.
This will automatically transfer the ownership of the car to the nominee after the owner’s death.
● There is also a provision added in the Motor Vehicle Rule for changing the nominee due to special circumstances.

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