TSP Koopid ak epass

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In a big relief to a large number of people trapped during the shutdown period in Telangana, especially migrant laborers, Telangana police on Saturday announced that they would issue e-passes to facilitate those who want to go home.

tsp.koopid.ak epass
tsp.koopid.ak epass

Dear citizens who are stranded in Telangana due to #LockDown and want to go to their home in other states of India can apply for E-pass by submitting the link provided the required information. https://tsp.koopid.ak/epass will send you your e-pass after proper verification, to proceed, “Director General of Police M Mahendra Reddy said in a tweet on Saturday night.


About TSP.Koopid.ak/epass

This pass will be given to people who want to go to their hometown using non-train transport. For those who want to travel by train, we are assessing the number of people in need of this service and their current locations so that they can travel to their hometown without any hassle, said Additional Director General of Police (Law and Order) Jitend. Was.

“For the last few days in Hyderabad, we have been issuing passes to people who fall into the category of trapped migrants,” said Hyderabad Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar. From now on everyone will have to apply for an E-pass and get a pass. Meanwhile, on Saturday, some construction workers working at a construction site in Telapur protested that they were allowed to go. Knowing about this unrest, the Cyberabad police gave them peace that they would help them in their journey.

The Telangana State Police Department has announced the migrant registration of Telangana through TSP Kupid AI Ipas trapped in Telangana and they want to return to their homeland. The Telangana Police Department has launched a new ‘Digital Pass Management System’ through the online portal https://tsp.koopid.ai/epass to facilitate online registration for migrant workers, students, tourists, and other stranded people. The TSP Cupid AI EPASS registration facility is open only to migrant workers/laborers who wish to travel from Telangana to other states. The online registration facility for the repatriation of migrant workers in Telangana is not yet online.

How to Apply For TS Curfew e pass

There are certain steps for applying for TS curfew e pass as follow:

  • First visit official website https://www.tspolice.gov.in/
  • After that click on “Apply for Lockdown pass”
  • Then fill in all the required details like Name, Address, Mobile number, etc..
  • At last click on the “Submit” button

TSP Koopid e-pass Registration Form

Here in this section, we shared all the details like how to fill up the tsp koopid epass registration form for migrant workers. So follow the below steps:

  • First of visit the official website or https://epass-tspolice.app.koopid.ai/static/providers/tsp/index.html
  • After that, if the slot is then open the website otherwise you have to wait for someone
  • Then if the website open fill in all the necessary details like Name, Gender, Mobile number, etc…
  • Last click on the “SUBMIT” button

Documents Required For Apply Pass Online

  • Valid ID card like Aadhar card, PAN card
  • Mobile number
  • 1 Photograph

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F.A.Q About tsp.koopid.ak/epass

  • What is tsp.koopid.ak/epass?
  • How to apply for TS epass online?
  • How to apply for migrant workers?

TSP Koopid epass Online

All interested travelers will be screened for COVID 19 symptoms and only those who test negative will be allowed to travel. In addition to wearing a face mask, it is also mandatory to follow social and hygiene rules. Migrant workers, students, pilgrims, tourists, and other stranded people should know that only registered people will be able to travel using government jobs.

Conclusion About TSP.koopid.ak/epass

So as per our research on the internet, we shared some information about tsp.koopid.ak/epass application status, how to apply, etc.. More details are most welcome.

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