Uttarakhand Traffic Police Issue a ‘Challan’ to a UP cop for using sirens on his personal vehicle.

People have not really been able to stop talking about, and even complaining about, the latest, tougher traffic fines since they were introduced. However, recent events have already shown that no one is immune to these harsh penalties, including police.

Did you know that installing sirens and other accessories on your car is against the law? And if we had been ignorant, a cop would undoubtedly be aware, right? One law enforcement officer, on the other hand, had to pay the price for breaking the law.

In India, flashing lights and sirens are banned on all vehicles except ambulances, fire trucks, official police vehicles, and army vehicles. And therefore what happens if a cop is caught doing the very same thing on his own car? Other cops confront him and challaned him!

That really is pretty much what happened in Almora, Uttarakhand, when a police officer from Badaun, Uttar Pradesh, came to pay a visit. The police officer was riding in his personal Maruti Suzuki Dzire, which had been equipped with flashers and sirens. The accessories just could not be legally installed on the vehicle since it was a private-registered vehicle.


Traffic police in the area stopped the vehicle near the Almora taxi stand, citing the illegality of the case. The driver of the vehicle at the time got out and claimed to have been a senior inspector from Badaun, Uttar Pradesh, who was on vacation in the area. The City Patrol Unit (CPU) was sent after a heated argument between traffic cops and a police official.

As per the Senior Inspector, using the flasher and siren on his personal vehicle in Uttar Pradesh was no problem. The Uttarakhand traffic police, but at the other hand, maintained that it was an unlawful activity and fined the UP Police Senior Inspector Rs 2,000.

Since 2017, any car, including that of the Prime Minister’s, has indeed been prohibited from the use of sirens or flashers. Even so, some vehicles have been seen using them that do not necessarily fall under the category of vehicles that are licenced to use them. The question of how to bring the traffic rule into effect arises at this stage. The Uttarakhand police department clarified how the law applies to all and that there are no exceptions. The Uttarakhand police enforced the rule by stating that this really applies to all and that no exceptions can be made in its implementation. The officials deserve a lot of credit for this!

After the implementation of the new Motor Vehicle Act, traffic challans have now become a hot topic of discussion. Surprisingly, the Delhi Police announced a significant decrease in the number of challans given to traffic law violators, owing to revised traffic penalties for these kinds of offences.


How can the police expect the people to follow the law if they don’t follow them themselves? It’s encouraging to see that fines are applied equally to everyone, and that you can’t get away with it just because you have a police id.


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