Vivek Oberoi Reacts to Challan for Riding Bike without Helmet and Mask by Mumbai Police


challan for not wearing helmet and mask by Mumbai Police. Actor Vivek Anand Oberoi on Saturday posted his reaction to the fine levied on him by Mumbai Police. they earn challan for not wearing helmets and masks.

The actor was fined a day before Rs 500 for flouting laws when he spins in his new Harley Davidson with Priyanka’s.

Vivek Oberoi’s tweet

Vivek tweeted to Mumbai police in appreciation of his mistake: “Pyaar humein kis mod pe le aaya! Nikle they nayi bike par hum aur hamari jaan, bina helmet ke kat gaya chalaan! Riding without a helmet? Mumbai police will do a checkmate! Thank u @mumbaipolice for making me realize that safety is always most important. Carry a helmet and mask, be secure.”


The incident became apparent after posting on pillion seats, both seen without the requisite protective gears, Valentine’s day biking video of the bike ride with his wife Priyanka Alva-Oberoi.

The short video post disappeared on February 14: “What a begins with Primary, Meri Patni or Woh this beautiful Valentine Day!

A cool joyride, really! “The two of them were zooming off on their Harley Davidson electric-blue bike.

Oberoi and Priyanka sports denim and dark tops, interact with some young boys and girls.


at one point, a few in the western suburbs without the required facial mask, on an unrecognized gasoline pump.

The Oberois allowed several of the excited ladies, and a boy ironically, during their late-night biking trip to click themselves against a massive banner, all without a mask.

They believe that Covid-19 adheres to.

Binu Varghese, a social activist, took notice of the video and said: “Actor Vivek Oberoi is not in line with the legislation on road safety and health.


This gives the youth a misleading message that he should be fined.

Mumbai traffic police force

This lead to e-Challan is release by Asst Police Inspector Nandkishor Jadhav of the Mumbai traffic police force Santa Cruz division, on Friday.

He has also been tagged by the Home Minister Anil Deshmukh, Mumbai police, Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation, and others.

So from the above laws are for everyone so wearing helmet is mandatory. The most frequent breach of traffic laws on roads is riding a motor vehicle without a helmet. The average number of road accidents in India is about 1600.  550 people are killed a day in these road accidents, according to some estimates. The overall road crash in India accounts for 25 percent of two-wheelers.

In collisions, cyclists risk their lives mainly due to head wounds.

The fatalities caused by helmets are said to be just 10 percent of all deaths from road injuries. Under the act of motor vehicles, the use of the helmet by two-wheelers is obligatory. Section 129 of the Act of 1988 on motor vehicles allows a person to wear a helmet on a two-wheeler. Unless the police department specifically enforces this act, 99 percent of motorcyclists will not wear helmets. They find it’s awkward to wear a helmet on the bike.

also even though they are well aware of the dangerousness of biking without a helmet. Oddly enough, the two-wheelers tend to travel without helmets even at the cost of losing their lives.


The challan for not wearing a helmet and mask is an extra-fine of rupees 1000. As punished in violation of Section 129 of the Motor Vehicle Act 2019 for payment.

in addition, suspended driving license for three months under Section 194D of the Motor Vehicle Adjustment Act 2019 for conducting these drivers. This legislation has been tougher, and by intervening against those that violate it, the State Government has taken an action.

Previously, there was a statute concerning those who may not carry a helmet while riding a bike, but there was no rigidity in this respect. This gradually raised the number of road injuries percent annually.

For example: when someone driving a bike on a rear seat with someone and the pillion does not wear the helmet, no action was taken in this regard, but now the Amendment Act 2019 punishes the motorcycle driver for allowing the pillion to sit without a helmet on his rear seat.

Any rider who rides a bike should bear in mind that his safety duty lies with himself alone. If he is riding with the passenger, he needs not to be able to do so if the pillion driver has no helmet. Precaution is said to be safer than cars. Everybody should also be aware of this and help the Central Government to reduce traffic accidents.

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