Wearing Mask should not be an Ego issue, Delhi High Court


Wearing Mask should not be an Ego

wearing a mask in Delhi should not be an ego issue, Delhi high court reports.

The Delhi Court of High Court observed during a plea that questioned the imposition of challan not wearing a mask in Delhi alone.

wearing a mask in Delhi is for the protection of a person from a COVID-19 infection.


Judge Prathiba M Singh noted orally that wearing a mask alone is a protection feature on one’s own from the virus.

particularly while riding alone in the car. This is because if a person stops the vehicle and puts its window down.

Mask should wear as there is a risk of capturing the infection.

The judge said, cautioned the claimant of imposing the cost on him “You cannot make an ego problem with wearing a mask.


The Court heard a plea from petitioner-lawyer Saurabh Sharma that he is detained by police officers in Delhi.

when he is commuting to work on September 9th, 2020.

In addition, he had been issued a fine of Rs 500 because of not wearing a mask in Delhi alone in his private vehicle.

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Advocate Farman Ali Magray, appearing at the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. 


He said that the ministry has made no instructions for people.

similarly telling people, while they are alone, to wear masks in a vehicle.

He says that health is a matter for the state and it is determined by the Delhi government.

The petitioner’s lawyer Joby P Varghese confirms the main counsel is not available.

In addition, he decides to file a rejoinder for the ministry’s affidavit.

One week, the court allow him to file the rejoinder appointment.

on 15 February, the court identifies the case.

The government in AAP had previously claimed to the Court that,

by way of an office order in April last year.

The wearing of masks while driving is made obligatory.

Delhi Disaster Management Authority

Mr. Scharma’s lawyer told the court earlier that the Union Ministry of Health held a press conference following the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) office order of 4 April 2020 stating that individuals who travel in a car alone are not mandatory to bear a mask.

Aditya Kaushik and Deepak Agarwal have heard two more similar appeals.

Mr. Sharma, in his appeal, has tried to quash the Challan, to pay restitution of the 500 payments of the fine and compensation for 10 lakh reportedly sustained mental abuse.

He said the officials who questioned him couldn’t send an executive order that involves the wearing of masks on his own in a private car.

Similarly, they never listen to Challan’s plea to say.

he has traveled alone and he pays the “illegal” fine, according to the petition.

He argued that the fine he was liable for was “ex-facie unreasonable and illegal” in the absence of any legislation or notice authorizing the wearing mask in Delhi in a private car alone.

In its reply, the DDMA submits that it is obligatory to bring a mask in public.

This obligation applies in its April 2020 office order and a subsequent notice in June of last year.

The Supreme Court has confirmed that it is a public venue for a private car.

Source – https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/wearing-mask-shouldnt-be-an-ego-issue-delhi-high-court-2366113


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