The number of covid cases is increasing day by day in the country. This pandemic is taking a deadly turn. Lakhs of people are being infected by this on a daily basis, and thousands are losing their lives due to covid. Delhi, the capital city, is one of the worst-hit cities in the country.
As an initiation to have control the spread of the disease, the Delhi Police have made another rule. According to this rule, wearing masks is made compulsory for a person even if they are driving alone in the vehicle.
●From April 2021 wearing a mask is compulsory for any number of people travelling in a car, even if there is a single person driving alone.
●The Delhi High Court, in its report, said that a car henceforth will be treated as a public place. Therefore, making it obligatory to wear masks whatsoever.
●If any person fails to abide by this new traffic rule, the offender will be issued a challan and will be fined Rs 500.
“The vehicle may also be required to be stopped at a traffic signal and the person could purchase any product by rolling down the window. The person may, thus, be exposed to a street-side vendor. Thus, it cannot be said that merely because the person is traveling alone in a car, the car would not be a public place,” Justice Singh said.


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